BFF: Subclinical Acne

If you’re someone close to me or have read this blog you’d know I talk about my skin issues that annoy me a lot, something I call “random bumps on my forehead”.

Their first appearance was in December 2013, on and off that it’s only for the past ten days it got really bad. It usually happens after I go for a facial, and I’d ignore it but I thought it’d be smart to do something that is poking and poking it because it just annoys me!

Also for the past ten days I stopped using my skincare stuff altogether and started using something I’ve been using since I was 9.

I googled and it says that this is Subclinical Acne, but I think I’m still calling it random bumps on my forehead. Subclinical acne is not as bad as acne but they’re still acne. Oil glands stuck. Or stress. Or bad thoughts. Or bad diet.

For me, I don’t know what’s up. Lack of water?

This is the picture of the random bumps when I first documented it in January. Wish I hadn’t complained about it, because looking at this picture it’s not as bad as it is now:

Picture 57

January 30 2014

The Oil Cleansing Method Salamahafifi

February 14 2014


April 5 2014

After this it got really bad because I was super annoyed and I was so lazy to use the Oil Cleansing Method. Yes, they work, but I just don’t have the time to steam my face every night. The Vitamin E Serum In Oil is great too but the small bottle is forty bucks (my money priority is cats) and I am a bit reluctant to use it.

I started using my fingernails to squeeze the random bumps hoping it’d go away (lol) and it actually worsened!

lol duh.

Now I understand how people’s self confidence can be affected by pimples. My pimples stay for a maximum of 48 hours so I have never really bothered but this one was a huge blow to me.

I was losing my self confidence.

I feel that whenever someone talks to me instead of looking at me in the eye my forehead is being evaluated instead.

My family members were laughing at me!

April 7 2014

April 7 2014; about 30 or 40 bumps

My baby brother sees this and says, “POOR THING!!! PLEASE STOP WEARING MAKEUP AND STAY ORIGINAL”


April 8 2014

April 8 2014; 10 pm sad selfies

Mom said it’s because I stopped using my #1 trustworthy product and started venturing out to look at other things. The light bulb in my head lit up immediately and I bought a new bottle spray (and ate at Sushi King afterwards).

Started using silver ions on April 10.

April 10 2014

April 10 2014


another reaction

April 12 2014

April 12 2014 ; I looked so sad

April 14 2014

April 14 2014; using pants to tie as a hjiab because hashtag fabulous

This is where it starts to get less.

April 15 2014

April 15 2014; less than ten left

Been taking liver cleansing stuff, drinking lots of water and spraying diluted silver ions on my face. Think if I used a concentrated silver ion it’d work faster than ten days.

If you’re interested I’ll tell you personally about this great product which I want to keep a secret for now but otherwise I’ll blog about them when I’m ready.

I just don’t want someone to think my skin is ok from a far but change their mind when they see me upclose. Prettiness don’t matter to me. Nice skin does.

Actually, nope. I accept my skin as it is. I’ll accept your skin as it is. Just be nice to yourself.

Think I deserve this random breakout to understand what other people feel. Praises to Allah for that :)


Hmm………….I don’t know, I just feel sad that I look at normal girls modelling (not really professionally, just like the instagram models and local magazine kinds), they look like they have flawless skin and everyone falls in love and ask them for their makeup tips and they’ll give them the concealer or foundation name. All girls start using makeup. ~It’s okay if I have skincare issues since I can cover them up with makeup!~

I just felt especially upset when a girl I’ve been looking at as naturally gorgeous had her picture taken upclose and pre-makeup by someone else; turns out that her skin is all kinds funny too. I’m not saying that I’m upset about her skin issues, I still think she is gorgeous, has all the great facial structures but I was upset that I was fooled by makeup. That her skin I’ve been admiring is not her real skin after all.

Get what I mean? Instagram models lol. Even with their #nofiler #nomakeup hashtags.

We’re all born beautiful anyway. Well maybe except for me because I wasn’t born beautiful I was born special ha ha ha:


My baby brother said he pities my forehead now but meh it’s OK.

What my face looks like from afar now. Think I’m fine with this: 



BFF: The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick 14 + Selsun Blue

Finally a bit of time to show the lipstick colour I bought!!!!!

The Body Shop New Colour Crush The Body Shop New Colour CrushThe Body Shop New Colour Crush

Hahaha just kidding I don’t have the time.

It looks soooooooooooo preetttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick 14

Just showing you a picture of me with it. I love it’s not too darkish pink on your lips. It’s very sheer.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick 14

Haven’t been wearing my BB Cream when I go out to totally treat my face.

The bumps are lesser now. The random twenty cent sized rough patch on my cheek is reduced too.

All thanks to The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil.

Trying to treat my two spots of tinea versicolor with Selsun Blue Shampoo:

Selsun Blue

Pretty pricey to me, RM22.90 for a 120 ml shampoo. It contains selenium sulfide which is an anti-fungal ingredient.

Ah well. In life you gotta try, right?

Since this is a Bare-Faced Friday post, here’s my almost bare-face. Washed my face with soap, but have yet to thoroughly clean the eyeliner. Educating people on the different stages of bare-facing.


How to check if it’s a real bare-faced or not:

1) The eye area would look pale if real bare-faced
2) The lips won’t be evenly coloured or plump-looking.
3) Skintone is uneven.
4) Why do you care anyway?

Have a good weekend :)

Yes this is a scheduled post, so were my previous two posts. And the last ones. And all the ones that seem to be posted in time and frequently.

Cats Surgery

One of our beauty cats, Hana, strayed and went missing a couple months back.

Monday she came back, scruffy, skinny and smelly. Her pretty pink collar went under her arm, kind of like a sash.

We took it out. To our horror, we saw flesh:


DSC_0258Now I realise the importance of buying a break-free collar. When I saw the labels on Pippi’s and late Oren G’s collars, I was confused. Why would I want to buy a break-free collar? The point of a collar is identification and if the collar’s broken, how would people know the cat is mine?

Turns out that THE ABOVE CAN HAPPEN, or strangulation.

So it’s better for the cat to be gone and lost with no injuries, than for the cat to be lost and have the collar cutting her own skin. This is a post on Pippi’s new collar.

The most amazing part was that she didn’t seem to be in pain at all. Such a strong girl. She slept with us in our room that night.

Hana The Cat

The next morning (1 April) sent her to the vet. The vet told me to fetch her the following day. She was stitched. According to the vet, her injury’s bad.

Now here she is, at home:

BioPet litter

She has to be in the cage for two weeks and have to use non-grainy litter. I have Pippi’s BIOPET litter for her to use. Yes, Pippi has to use eco-friendly stuff if bought. But he prefers fertilising the plants outside. Even more natural.

At the same time today (2 April) I sent my outdoor cat Dollah to be neutered/castrated. He gets bullied a lot by outside cats.

That’s the sweetheart Momot accompanying Dollah.

Cat neuter

He’s awake now :) And still giddy…lol.

Another thing I’d like to voice out is………please be kind to these feral dogs, and cats.

Feral Dogs

They will be thankful to you when you feed them. If you can’t feed them, then please, when you decide to have a pet, adopt one off the streets or go to the adoption centre instead. Please, please, PLEASE do not buy them from backyard breeders. I strongly connect prostitution and for-sale breeding together. It’s wrong. Or best, do it right now by choosing only cruelty-free products.

Feeding dogs is something personal to me that I don’t generally share but I will do it right now: I love watching the faces of the dogs that are fed. I can’t touch them, so I just watch them.

Once a mother feral dog just gave birth and she never looked happier. Her face was glowing. So I fed her food, but stopped when I realised another woman was doing so too. The thing is, she used to guard her “territory” when my car passes by, but after the feeding, she smiles whenever I drive past. She looked sooo happy. Once I saw her looking after little puppies who were walking. So cute. And the next thing I knew a couple days later, they died. She still looked happy when my car passes by, but I know that even animal mothers have feelings. I don’t see her anymore though after the abandoned house she was staying in went under renovation.

Earlier today I fed these dogs above for the first time. The Papa Dog is very grouchy looking and I was scared it might bite me or something. I didn’t go out but my brother did and poured the food on the ground. They all ate. Before driving out, I screened down my window to say bye and the Papa Dog actually turned around with a smile on his face. I feel like crying. In fact I am crying. I’ve never felt that appreciated and genuinely thanked ever.

So I just don’t understand how anyone can be so cruel to animals. They give you so much happiness and when they thank you, they are for real.

I honestly have less then ninety bucks in my bank now but I think I’m going to buy some dog food when I go out. Think it’d be enough.

Who cares if I’m penniless and real-jobless. There are animals with no roof and no food.

David Archuleta MKOC Curtain

Yesterday after running errands and stuff I saw something pretty large in my mailbox:

David Archuleta ApopkaImmediately I knew what it was. I was excited to receive the item but I left it there first because I’m no longer the fangirly d;lakjdl;sjdl kind of fangirl anymore. Sad what age does to you, huh? Ha Ha Ha. I also had groceries to bring in anyway.

So here it is! The MKOC Curtain I won!

David Archuleta MKOC Curtain

I have a rough idea about what I’m going to do with it. I’ll let you guys know when I’m done/started!

Also, as thanks, that afternoon I made a blondie, a white chocolate hazelnut one to be exact:


I only bake for special people.

And anyway it’s been two years since I baked. Seriously. I just hate having to put in the right concoctions and exact everything. With cooking it’s according to my own taste. My sister prefers baking over cooking because the directions are set: you just have to follow them!

So yep with that I forgot how to make the icing lmaaaaaao.

Convo with my baking expert sister:

“Did you add icing sugar?”


David’s why I learnt how to bake four years ago because he sang “You’re velvet on a red cupcake” ha ha ha.

Welcome Back, David!!!!!!


Indonesia Trip

We went to three different places in seven days in Indonesia.

I’m a bit concerned about security and privacy so I won’t mention names etc.

Sent Pipz to the boarding place at the vet. Brought his toy named Sandy with him. Pippi went as a soft, quiet boy. Came back loud.

The vet assistant told me that he slept on his toy the first night, refused to eat the food they gave too. And wanted attention, looking for me. My babyyyy.

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2 (fan)Girls + 1 Guy Convo

Conversation at lunch:

Me: You like her purely based on appearance. What a creepy thing to do.

Him: I do not, I like her because she’s blah blah blah.

Me: No you don’t, it’s just her face. Besides you don’t even know if she’s blah blah blah.

Him: What about you girls and Kim Jong Kook? You like his muscles!




Me: We like him because he’s so gentlemanly and nice.

Her: And is a genius.

Him: -speechless-

Don’t mess with fangirls ok. And this shows that we girls go waaaay deeper than just looks. We like a man because of his wit and attitude. The face if good is a bonus and boyfriend material.

If it’s not a good face then it’s okay, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, we can always stay friends, right? (;



Oh btw, Welcome Back David :)))))))))))


Yes, David is still in my life. Last night I dreamt I taught him how to selfie. My mom dreamt he gave her some almond to eat.

Same night.


The Body Shop: Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil, Facial Massager and New Colour Crush!

When I was in Jakarta (I was there the whole of last week!) my friend sent me a WhatsApp text saying “OMG I SAY YOUR FACE AT THE BODY SHOP.”

The xth person to tell me that. Unfortunately, I was out of the country to check it out. Touchdown Changi Airport two nights ago and I immediately went to The Body Shop store in Changi Airport. Boo, no more. They’re done with the promotion. Guess it’s not meant for me to see my face in the media hahaha.

My friend told me she got a Facial Massager and the Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. She said Caroline Hirons recommended the products.

Me: Who’s Caroline?
Friend: She is like, God of Skincare.


Guess I don’t know these famous people because  I like to explore things myself…?

I went to The Body Shop last night to collect my Vitamin E Serum in Oil. Yes, coincidentally, last January I asked for a sample (because you need to know if things work!) and only yesterday I managed to collect it. Thank you The Body Shop!

Bought the Facial Massager like my friend did too because yknow, I think I should listen to people once in a while.

Vitamin E Serum in Oil and Facial Massager The Body Shop

Pippi’s paw wanted to be in the frame too.

The sales advisor told me to use it AFTER my moisturiser which I think is funny.

So this is what I do (it’s my OCM week, but just trying out the new products) :

1) Tone my face with Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (and The Body Shop Organic Cotton)

2) Three drops of the oil, spread it around my needed-work area

3) Moisturise with Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

and then I use the Facial Massager but instead of rolling the thing like painting my face, I roll them upwards.

Up, up, up is the way to go. Defy gravity!

This morning I woke up and a random rough patch on my skin is less rough. So this stuff works!

I also LOVE the Moisture White Shiso BB Cream and Whitening Serum and the Brightening Eye Cream I got from their media event. I would repurchase but I wish good things weren’t so expensive! The Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream is something I’d recommend too.

My sister has used the face massager more than I have. I heard her passing comment: The Body Shop stuff are so pretty!

She even wanted to go back to Jakarta to stock up on The Body Shop stuff lololol.

Another pretty thing I picked up is their new Colour Crush lipstick.

Tip: If you like what the salesgirl is wearing, ask her. If you like her skin, tell her that. I like the Singapore stores workers, their makeup is minimal/natural, unlike their Malaysian colleagues. Way too overdone. I asked the salesgirl what she wore, and she told me this!

It’s pink, so happy to finally get pink lipstick.

I don’t have time to do on-lips pictures yet (packaging still intact too) but will do when I have the time!

The Body Shop New Colour CrushThe Body Shop New Colour Crush

The Body Shop New Colour Crush


Pippi The Cat

Pippi my baby first morning home with his toy cat Sandy.


Fairytale Cottage

My arm hurts for don’t know what reason so in order not to put too much strain to it I’m just going to let pictures do the talking :)

Have a nice day and David comes home soon!

fairytale cottage



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