Salamahafifi Y.

Have you ever wondered how smart a seed is? That something so tiny, usually thrown away can grow into something useful to all forms of life?

How many of us actually look at a seed and think of the tree it could become, or do we look at seeds as merely seeds: small and powerless? Has it ever crossed our minds that a seed is a wise creation? That a small seed holds the secrets, knowledge and wisdom to growing a tree?

All trees were once seeds.
If you don’t do anything to a seed, a seed will remain a seed.
It will never know about the tree it could become.

Now, let me tell you: there is a seed in all of us. We all have the wisdom and knowledge inside us to grow into something grand and useful to all forms of life like a tree. But how do we unlock the potential? How do we water our seeds?

I believe that with the right inspiration and information, the seeds in us will grow and bloom into what is the Human Potential. Walk with me on this journey of self-discovery and exploration as I develop  Everyday Leaders.

Everyday Leaders is my personal competencies set and course periodically conducted to high school students.

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