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Hello future me reading this. There’s always something else to do that writing a lengthy blog post feels like a difficult task now.

My heart/head continues talking as usual, but the fingers are out of shape.

For Eid we went to our village upstate 3 hours drive in Melaka. Sad to say that there is nothing I am particularly fond of about going back. I just like the village setting and scenery. Never liked Eid either, but then again I’m not a very festive person.

Since I know nobody’s going to talk to me – my girl cousins are definitely going to be cooped up in their room, too old to join my boy cousins, adult conversations are boring and I just don’t understand whatever the older people are yapping about, I brought Pippi my cat along. (Pippi has been vaccinated and neutered.)

It was about one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Cat Sleeping in Car

Isn’t he a cutie, sleeping with me in the car on the way back home.

Pippi and his twin Salji were trained to be a travelling cat, and he was fine with travelling unless he was alone. Unlike me, Pippi needs company and friends. Salji went missing a couple weeks back (when I told her I was going to get her spayed). So Pippi’s not used to travel without his sister.

Read a couple articles online about bringing your cat on vacation with you. Most of them said no, to get a cat sitter or put them in a hotel instead. My answer’s obviously a big fat no (eventhough I did consider doing so) because: 1) I WILL MISS PIPPI 2) I don’t trust anybody else.

This was what I did:

1) Packed a bag full of Pippi’s essentials: toys, newspapers, food, waterbowl.

2) Cushion his carrier with towels smelling like his friends back home. Newspaper as a base.

3) Let him sit on my lap for a bit, let him look at the surrounding, talk to him. He feels assured when he hears my voice.

4) And then when I got tired I put him in the carrier next to me and not respond to anything he said. He felt tired too and fell asleep.

Cat Sleeping in Car

The next thing I knew we reached Melaka!  Early evening. With the carrier, brought him into the living room. Initially I planned to let him stay in there for 1/2 hour but my cat-motherly instincts wanted to let my poor baby out. The male dominant cat of the house started sniffing my Pippi and pinned him down in a mating position. Pippi retreated into his carrier. The male followed suit. Pippi was stressed and he ran out under the table. The male continued to conquer *his* new space.

That night Pippi slept with me on the couch. The following morning he hid throughout the day in the attic. He would come out when I called him, otherwise he wouldn’t. Great! This means that I could go around visiting my other relatives without worrying about Pippi staying home….which was what I did. The relatives live literally 30 seconds from each other so I didn’t go far. He drank only from his own water bowl and food bowl too. Understand that cats don’t like change too much.

Rescued a kitty and placed it in Pippi’s carrier. I was not allowed to bring him home, so I leave him at the kampung where my aunt promised to take care of him. On the way home Pippi was uneasy and uncomfortable in his carrier. Probz due to the other scent, lol Pippi.

Slept with me instead:

Sleeping Cat in Car

Anyway here are a couple pictures from the trip:

Nek Alang’s house. My late grandmother’s younger sister. I heard she can climb trees very well. Can’t believe I’ve never gone to her house. Or knew that she was actually my grandaunt. I mean I’ve seen her around….. lol:



My brother and sister:



Terrified-looking Pippi on the stairs that leads to the attic:

Cat on stairs


Spent my first day of Eid visiting one house and the rest of the day doing this:


and going to the beach:



Oh, also sitting on the gazebo:




Me and my youngest cousin, Aminin. He’s seven now:



Second day was spent at Mahkota Parade, lol.

Selfie time:


Went to Sushi King with my sister:



Here’s me saying bye to the cat I rescued but couldn’t bring home, Abu:



OKAY can’t post more gotta figure out how to decode some CSS.



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